Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


09:32 @NicoleBPhotos not tried it. Was just interested. #

09:33 Not at all well today but this time it is planned sickness - colonoscopy prep. ☹ #

09:41 NTS: If I ever have to do this again (and I hope I never do!), do not eat curry the night before. ☠☒☹ #

09:43 Yeah, okay, TMI. *shuts up* #

09:44 RT @orangeacme "wonders where all the dust comes from" dead skin cells, apparently. #

09:48 @AngelaJP i can see your RTs of @sockblanksuk but not the originals and did add it. Weird. #

09:51 @ninthspace thanks #

09:57 I am SO tired - I NEED to sleep but I don't dare! :( #

10:06 Kill me now. Please? <melodrama /> #

10:32 Risking a lie down. #

13:22 Managed to sleep for a couple of hours. Not a bad way to cope with the hunger. Not taken any meds today because they would not be absorbed.☠ #

13:45 Hunger is making yesterday's wobbliness much more potrntially dangerous. Going back to bed. #

13:49 RT @pixeldiva "has run out of Moleskines. Disaster!" You need to hoard a larger backup stock/suply! <can-haz-stationery-addiction /> ☺ #

18:18 So weak and wobbly whilst also lightened in mod and having gained clarity. #

18:18 Mood #

18:27 World is spinning out of control. #

18:30 @matociquala dogs are omnivores, like us, and love fruit/veg. Now if it was the carnivore cat eating oranges, I WOULD be shocked! #

18:32 @regularjen yeah, I have still not received my @macheist code. #

18:32 RT @MSTrust "MS Awareness Week 2009 starts 27th April. Find out more at" #

18:57 Weak, wobbly, achy, refluxing acid and going back to bed again. Sorry cats - food later. Me + stairs is a BAD idea right now. #

20:59 @SockBlanksUK I saw that one! ☺ #

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