Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


12:45 Mum has a cold (like me) and so we did not walk her friend's dog this morning and won't tomorrow either. *thud* #

13:08 @ndixon I *still* don't have my code for Devon?? from @macheist. I tweeted it twice. I have given up TBH. #

13:08 @NicoleBPhotos How do you auto-tweet when you sell something on zazzle? #

13:10 RT @qikipedia "US lavatories are 100x more dangerous than British ones. In 1996, 43,687 Americans were hospitalized after toilet disasters." #

13:13 @qikipedia IME USian lavs flood/overflow more often than UKian ones, as well! Awful design IMO. #

13:17 RT @mstevens "@orangeacme we all make mistakes" Like, oh, I dunno, going to Crawley? ;-p #

13:40 Double and blurred vision if getting pretty old and exhausting. Going back to bed. AGAIN. :( #

18:14 RT @YarnHarlot "Keynote is so easy that I want to sue powerpoint to get all those hours of my life back." ;-p #

18:15 RT @twittelator "Chocolate Chai! Out of milk but found … chocolate milk, mixed with green tea, cardamon, cinnamon, pepper, ginger …" #

18:20 RT @bobbyllew "… carpool, a non interview chat show from my car. This weeks passenger, David Baddiel. On and iTunes" #

18:20 @NicoleBPhotos thanks #

18:23 @sarahkane *hugs* no need to be embarrassed - we don't blame you and you did not chose where to come from! #

18:24 RT @scottp1 "Apple uses a jailbroken iPhone in patent application -" #

18:28 @ninthspace Hmmm? *confused* what are you referring to? #

19:31 RT @zazzle "We're now over 1,000 followers! Our lucky winner is: @laserone! Send us a DM with your email address to collect your prize! :)" #

19:32 @ninthspace Ah, right. it *was* a retweet… #

19:40 @sbisson West of Seattle? #

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