Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

For the story-tellers, role-players and writers amongst you


From the About Us page;
"Today people can read a book, watch a movie, or play a video game...but soon anyone will be able to enjoy a storyworld.

Computer game design veteran Chris Crawford has teamed with science fiction writer Laura J. Mixon to found Storytron, a company devoted to the creation and publication of works of interactive storytelling.

Storyworlds are a new form of computer entertainment developed by Storytron, Inc. Using our free authoring tool, SWAT, creative individuals with a story to tell can script their own sets of Actors, Stages, Props, and a web of potential interactions known as Verbs. Players seeking a unique new form of computer entertainment can play those storyworlds, engage with the Actors, and explore a wide range of choices and behavior in the dramatically rich environment developed by the author of that world.

Storytron—It's About the People!"
Tags: link, roleplaying, storytelling, writing

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