Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


01:05 Finished knitting a pair of knucks (knuckle fingerless gloves, made it up as I went along) using the left over yarn from mum's Knotty Gloves #

01:06 Just need to sew in the ends but I am too sleepy tonight. I may even manage to sleep tonight! #

01:11 Next knitting project, ankle socks. Just need to chose a pattern (or I could just make my default plain socks or 2x2 rib socks, of course). #

01:55 @Mischief_wa Soon! *hugs* #

02:11 Should try to sleep - need to e up at 07:30 again - and tomorrow as well! #

02:14 RT @AtheistBus "From a 16 tonne bus to a tiny smart car belonging to @north5" #

02:16 @twitter So, when can other UK users us SMS, e.g. O2?! #

02:19 RT @tylluan "i hate hand pain, …" Oh, so do I, but I am learning to love freeze spray/gel which helps a little (in my case). *hugs* #

02:21 RT @rebeccakoconnor "frig repair guy, …" An interesting concept / spelling! #

02:22 @tylluan You mean you don't tug your trousers to make things looser around your ass/nethers? #

02:41 RT @davidcheok "the biggest gripe wif @twittelator pro is UI freezes for a time everytime it refreshes!!!!" Indeed. #

02:44 In bed, finally. Time from decision to go to bed to actually abed (let alone asleep) is ridiculously huge. #

09:49 Been up for a couple of hours. Ran hubby to the station so I have the car again. Will run various/some errands later. Nap now. zzz #

15:49 Stinking cold. Splitting headache. Double vision. On sofa with my hansome, furry fuzzy-therapist. Here comes his fluffy colleague! •thudzzz• #

15:51 @tylluan must be coz i have a huge ass, then! #

16:11 Giving up and going to bed. Again. #

16:15 @tylluan re. Mind/life: •hugs• #

16:16 @ndixon •hugs• I hope they get to the bottom of it soon! #

16:17 •thudzzzzz• #

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