Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


01:32 @mathys … and so my location will not be hidden! My point! #

01:59 Upset guts and nausea. :( #

08:56 Yay for ear plugs and various medications. Going back to bed for a while after running hubby to station. The're scaffolding out'f my window! #

09:00 @mathys That is much clearer and so is now understandable. It helps to say •WHICH• service you mean when talking about two services! ☻ #

09:02 RT @tylluan "nurturing urge to write sandman ficlet" DOOO EEEEET! #

09:03 RT @matociquala "Facebook: God's way of telling… skinny tormented HSgothboys you had such painful crushes on grew up … bloated hockey fans." #

09:04 RT @YarnHarlot "Does it mean your day isn't going well if your yarn bill is $66.66? Is that the yarn of the beast?" No that's $6.66 a skein! #

09:05 RT @alexandraerin "Tales of MU Chapter 365 is up." I will catch up one day … #

09:06 @alexandraerin I am only on page 148 so far! #

15:00 Gutted, and furious. My counsellor is leaving in Sept and the Service may not allow me to go back on the waiting list to see someone else. ☠ #

15:05 Sitting in the car outside counselling and unable to DO any of the stuff I was going/needing to do today. May just go home. Devastated. ☹☢☠☣ #

15:16 Bangin choons are helping a bit. FTW. Bleepshow later too. #

18:51 @twittelator thanks. I'll try that. #

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