Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Warning! Many incomming posts!

I am about to set ljmigrate off copying my posts from nsf_writing to natf. I have no idea if it will leave the dates and times as they are over there or add them all to today/now and so flood your friends pages, RS or atom feeds. I hope it is the former and not the latter! I also have no idea whether it will preserve the security levels of posts - I have at least one private post that I hope will remain private! It is a pity that the documentation for ljmigrate is so minimal...

12:20 Hmmmm - change of plan. I have decided to test this out using one of my empty nameholder free LJ accounts first. That way I will at least know whether it backdates the posts or not!

12:59 Good news! It does preserve the date and time of the original entry when it has copied them!

Bad news, it does not copy f-locked posts, but that might be because the journal I am copying them to is not on the FL of the journal I am copying them from. More testing needed!

Ah - oops - it did copy them but this account was not in the destination account's FL! ;-p

All I need to do now is to remove them from the dummy LJ and copy them to this one.

By the way, I am almost definitely (99% likelihood) going to move all of my secondary LJs' content into this one because this one is a permanent account. I will use tags and maybe filters (if I need to but most likely not) including the tags that are the same as the journal name that they came from (e.g. "nsf_writing"). I know at least one of you did not want me to copy stuff into this account (I am not too sure why) but this is what I have decided to do. I am confused, however, why someone thought that I should not add a tip/donate button to my photo posts - are they not good enough? I am going to do it anyway. My LJ, my prerogative! I thank you all for your help in brainstorming my decisions but am going to close the poll now, once I work out how to!

P.S. Edited to add: This is the thread where I find a bug in ljmigrate and discuss it with the developer. Trust me (the medically retired but still able to do a bit pedantic software and website functionality and usability tester/QA from HECK!!!!) to be able to break something without trying too hard! Anytime you need something tested... ;-p This means that I will not be able to finish the migration until the bug is fixed.
Tags: ljmigrate

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