Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Mothering Sunday

I took mum out for lunch 'today'. We went to the Beefeater but, when I booked, they had not told me that there would be a set menu. It was okay and I do understand that it made their lives easier (it was PACKED FULL!) but it was quite a bit more expensive than their usual lunchtime deal (not that that was a problem). I just wish I had known in advance. I do not do well with change and surprises but I coped okay. Luckily I had enough cash on me.

Mum enjoyed herself and we talked a lot (which is good for us both) and we then went over to visit her half-sister, Ebb (that nickname has a long story!) which was also nice because I had not seen her new bungalow.

I had not finished mum's gloves in time for today (I have now) but she was able to try them on (fingers are a little short but she says they are fine) and I had also got her a potted orchid which she loved. She and I are both of the opinion that giving a plant (to someone with a green thumb who is not likely to kill it like I would and who does not have cats that are likely to eat it like ours would) is a much better present than a bunch of flowers that will die and end up as compost (or in the landfill)! ;-p
Tags: mum

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