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[loudtwitter] Microblogging

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it as is your choice and prerogative but then you may not find out about what I did yesterday and/or how I was feeling (health, mood, etc.) as well as any links I have made a note of for my own and your interest and the odd haiku that I post there …

03:58 @ninthspace I need one that does not use AIR so that I can leave it running while I play WoW. ;-p #

03:59 @ninthspace I use Twhirl already that does retweets but it uses AIR #

04:25 RT @regularjen "My Crumpler. You want it. [cgi_ebay_co_uk]" I do but I have no need for it! LOL #

06:39 Cats are fed. Going to bed. I am a poet and, yes, I know it. #

14:37 RT @neilhimself "I am ridiculously proud of Lenny Henry right now: . Go Len!" I would love to see this! #

15:26 @iknitlondon - I think you either need a faster shutter speed or a tripod - this blur hurts my eyes to look at ... #

15:29 RT @ninthspace "I know you can't strictly *nomnom* to beer, ... Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout." Sounds nomnom to me! #

15:33 If you are on my LJFriends (LJ or via OpenID) and would like to see my symptom diary then please vote here: (F-locked). #

15:34 The symptom diary may be somewhat boring but may also be of interest to PwMS and that share my other 'issues'. Also, friends and family OFC. #

15:34 Actually, considering unlocking that poll so that non LJFriends can vote but, of course, editing the post will break the poll. :( #

15:35 If you'd like me to add you to my LJFriends so you can see it, please do comment on one of my public posts using your LJ or OpenID. #

15:37 is the URL of my LJ. This endeth my boring-to-some LJ/symptoms/health/medical Twitterspammage. For now. #

15:37 P.S. you can sign up for a free LJ account as well, if you want to and do not have OpenID but are keen to read my stuff. *echoes in silence* #

15:44 RT @mollydotcom "FYI: for those fans of Dean Edwards' scripts who haven't heard about this upsetting story:" #

15:57 Have cast on my right glove after sewing in the ends on my left glove. Should really try to eat something, though. 4 pm breakfast anyone? :) #

15:59 RT @AngelaJP "How can I complain to Hotmail that their stupid new sidebar ads CUT OFF MY EMAILS!!!???" Change to gmail? Email them? *hugs* #

16:02 RT @mollydotcom "the real server," #

16:04 Two words rarely seen together; 'cricket' and 'exciting': RT @stephenfry "Oh my lord. The cricket! Too exciting for words. Eeek." ;-p #

16:05 @Dugi_C - ... and, in case of fire, PANIC!!!!! #

16:11 Have updated my wish-lists: Yes, yes I AM all spammity-spam-da-twitter today! Problem? #

16:13 *multitasking* Twitter / @twhirl + knitting + doing other spoddy stuff like reading LJ, posting to LJ, editing other online presences, etc. #

16:14 Still looking for a Twitter client for OSX that does NOT use Adobe AIR (which interferes with another app on my machine) that can retweet... #

16:35 Can't wait! RT @matociquala "Frantic Bear is frantically working to get Shadow Unit S2 ready to air in NINE DAYS. Eeeeeee!" #

16:36 YAY Seaners! RT @tallin32 "Leah: "Hello." Seaners: "Nannoo!" Me: "Ah. I see the problem." Parents: "HE'S FROM ORK!"" #

16:38 RT @cueballex "Ava has proven that cats cannot do cartwheels. Funniest thing all night." Smudge has been known to do somersaults! #

16:41 @ninthspace I wish someone would come and do brutal things to the boxes that have invaded this whole flat! ;-p #

16:44 @petecooper re. Jade Goody - all I can remember, still, is the verrucca / "Am I mingin'" scene from her first Big Brother... #

16:48 You beat me to it! RT @petecooper "@ndixon first ten chapterS </proofing pedant>" #

16:56 I see where I am going wrong then. Mine is not attached: RT @mdmhvonpa "... good thing my head is attached or I'd leave that at home too" :) #

16:58 404: RT @moblogtech "Limited Vision Moments" #

16:59 LOVES: RT @petecooper "whatever happened to cj (YT) #chooon!" #

17:00 @petecooper I have "The Analogue Theatre" album. #

17:04 Ditto: RT @freeport "if anyone knows of a really good retail stockist of Timbuk2 bags in the UK, I would appreciate knowing about it" #

17:07 RT @petecooper "every time someone uses the phrase 'methinks', a small part of me dies inside" Apologies in advance and retrospect, then. #

17:10 Loads of avatars / user-pics missing/blank/black in @twhirl. :( #

17:23 Hopefully nothing to do with listening to great 90s music - tinnitus just kicked up an order of magnitude in left ear. Pain meds and a nap. #

17:25 RT @ninthspace "@natalief This is why your avatars are black:" Or @twhirl is b0rken again. #

17:30 re. the NZ avatar blackout and what a black icon means to me. Some logo would have been better for their cause IMO: #

17:31 *thud* #

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