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A day without a cell phone

"Have you gone a day without your cell phone?
Isn't it awful? Describe how you got by (or didn't)."

Actually, it is something that I really try not to do. I have had a mobile since Orange first started their digital cell technology in the UK - the original Orange Nokia. I have stuck with Nokia ever since until getting my iPhone because I like their user interface - an opinion reinforced by brief flirtations with one Samsung mobile and one Motorola.

I even carry my iPhone (and the previous mobiles (cellphones to the USians) in their day) around the house with me. That way if I have a fall or anything I can call out for help. Also, I do not have to run around trying to find it if hubby, mum or someone calls me - it is in my pocket.

I am even tempted to try to find a bum-bag (fanny-pack to the USians but fanny means something else in the UK) that has a strap long enough to go around me. That way it would always be at my side. Ooooo another thought - a bum-bag would make a great portable sock-knitting bag!

<pedant>Ugh. I always have to edit my Plinky entries on LJ because Plinky inserts loads of </br> tags and, on my layout, that translates to loads of unneccessary whitespace. I also usually have to fix the HTML to make it easier to read in the source. </pedant>
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