Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Interesting post by a paramedic about suicide

I Want Truth, Justice, and Anarchy - I Can't Decide

It seems that post is friends only now. Ah well, the following is still relevant and makes sense in isolation, even if the links won't work for everyone:

Further down the page in the comments is a comment about assisted suicide. Here is my reply:

I agree about assisted suicide / euthanasia. I have multiple sclerosis and my main symptoms are cognitive - an altzheimer's-like dementia is in my future and my mental abilities are very important to me. I wish I had the right to write a living will that said something like;

"When I can no longer read, talk, see, think, etc., - i.e. when I have no quality of life AS I DEFINE IT, FOR ME - please put me to sleep as you would a mere dog/cat/pet. I am more than a mere pet and so wish to have the same rights and more."
Tags: euthanasia, link, ms, suicide

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