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[loudtwitter] Microblogging

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it as is your choice and prerogative but then you may not find out about what I did yesterday and/or how I was feeling (health, mood, etc.) as well as any links I have made a note of for my own and your interest and the odd haiku that I post there …

01:10 Finally sleepy again. Have eaten and taken meds. Must remember to do jab. Have been lax with that recently. Not that it is life and death... #

05:41 Woken at 0515 by Smudge. Yay NOT! Acid reflux attack. Last night's dried blueberries? Eyepain and blurred vision. Optic neuritis? Painmeds. #

15:05 Ugh. Non-day. Did watch an Elbow concert with the BBC Concert Orchestra and a choir - they were recording a live version of Seldom Seen Boy. #

15:06 SeldomeSeen Kid, that is. Promptly had to buy the album on iTunes. Played some WoW earlier and had soup for brunch. *thud* #

15:29 Dropped back to default action - knitting (a tension square / swatch in the round). Calls for a 2.5 mm needle but I have a 2 mm or a 3 mm... #

15:30 So far the 2 mm is only coming up slightly too tight but I bet the 3 mm will be MUCH too loose. May have to buy new needle. (knitpicks circ) #

15:31 RT @28parkave "look at this a knitted wedding how brilliant !!!" It is so cool! #

16:51 It suddenly turned cold in here - having been to hot this morning (YAY for my dual G5 spaceheater!) Ihave had to grab woolen socks and so on #

16:51 @lrcphotos *hugs* you both #

16:52 @Wossy Is is not just BAFA this year? #

16:55 It sounds like one of our neighbours is trying to dismantle their flat (and ours!) using a sledgehammer. 0 soundproofing here so probably... #

16:57 ... just vaccuuming or something. In other news, seeing sparkles and so going to bed for a nap (with earplugs for the noise). Tweetya l8trz! #

17:08 RT @tylluan "how to deal with cold: fleece. AND wool. AND flannel. several times over. ftw." & a fur fabric robe & duvet, in my case! Brrrr! #

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