Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it as is your choice and prerogative but then you may not find out about what I did yesterday and/or how I was feeling (health, mood, etc.) as well as any links I have made a note of for my own and your interest and the odd haiku that I post there …

14:52 Fell asleep after feeding the cats and only just woke up. I have missed counselling. TBH I had not realised it was Thursday until now. :( #

14:56 @freeport forgot it was Thursday until too late. Have fun at con! #

15:30 RT @twhirl "We will send 0.8.8i to team Seesmic in a few hours (yes, more fixes!)" not had it yet but I did sign up... #

15:40 For the first time this coldsore is HURTING. They usually just tingle but this one has a dagger into my lip! Heh. #

02:35 RT @twittelator "Venus fills the cup ♀ of awaiting moon goddess ☽ A good night for Love ☄ #twiku" #

02:35 @Mischief_wa *massages back* #

02:39 RT @mcglk "Lost eleven pounds / all by myself. The secret? / STOP EATING SO MUCH." YAY! *hugs* #

02:40 @sunsetsinthewes Archery is TEH SEXAH! Idid archery at uni - all those years ago - but my right shoulder kept popping out of the socket ... #

02:43 @twittelator those unicode characters still do not display oin Safari or @twhirl, BTW. WRT #

02:47 @words_spoken Have a good trip! #

02:55 @freeport They let me sleep until gone 10 am this morning - which is good because I went to bed pretty late/early/late... #

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