Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

How I'd spend $1,000

"Describe how you'd spend $1,000.
Let's face it: Not everyone wins the jackpot. But those scratch-off tickets are nothing to sneeze at. How would you spend a grand in winnings?"

I would put it into my bank account and draw it out as cash to use up over the next few weeks. It would not last very long when converted into £ Sterling. Day to day stuff like food and knitting yarn at the local yarn store or HobbyCraft. Maybe a trip to visit my brother in the countryside or my aunt by the sea and nature reserve. I wish it was enough to buy and run a second car so that I had access to a car again (hubby uses mine to get to and from work and thence to and from their customers/clients). I have a free bus-pass, though, which I should use more often and use to travel further and more often. That reminds me - I must work out more than one buss route, and soon!

Tags: plinky

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