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[loudtwitter] Microblogging

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it as is your choice and prerogative but then you may not find out about what I did yesterday and/or how I was feeling (health, mood, etc.) as well as any links I have made a note of for my own and your interest and the odd haiku that I post there …

06:22 Woken by Smudge at 6 am AGAIN. WTB earplugs that work until hh:mm so I can hear doorbell if needed but can sleep through Smudge. *thudsplat* #

06:39 @Firni you can buy weaker co-cod. OTC. mine are prescribed because i have prepay prescription certificate & so also stronger. #

06:40 @Firni a nanny state without free healthcare? #

10:59 Ah. The rain explains the headache and the getting-dark-at-10:50. *thud* #

10:59 Also, the I-was-freezing-cold-and-am-now-plenty-warm-enough-if-not-too-hot. #

11:04 @cindyli *hugs* That is my credo too. Not enough spoons to do more than that - other than to feel guilty a bit as well. Thanks for reminder! #

11:05 @laserone *hugs* bbb.b.b...but - AI IZ PEPUL! :( *hugs* #

11:06 @phinnia *hugs* what does MFA stand for? I can rarely parse TLAs that Idon't use regularly - even if I already know them... #

11:07 @Mischief_wa Oh! YAYfor Zantac! I could not manage without it! #

11:08 @tylluan re. "losing" car - I have done that and so empathise *hugs* #

11:10 @bloodcurdling said " THIS." ROFLMAO! #

11:11 @sunsetsinthewes said "OM NOM NOM. I'M HAVING GHOST FOR DINNER. NOM." UMMM.... ;-p #

11:13 @ramtops said "hmm ... artpad pen under *Pete's* desk. That's not gravity." Stolen by a kitten? That is Smudge's hobby... #

11:13 @stephenfry said "How Sean Penn didn't win best actor is the greatest mystery imaginable - boo x" Double BOO & I've not even seen Milk yet! #

11:15 Woah. Iwas just @ replied to by @Br3ndaBot - what's that all about then? #

11:17 @ninthspace said "Awesome view at rear of my house thanks to much recent rain. Love the colours:" Luminous! #

11:18 @ramtops The only thing that stops Smudge is a drawer. ENOOPPOSABLETHUMBS yanno... ;-p #

11:19 @pixeldiva hyacinths are better than napalm, I bet! #

11:32 PainMeds and sleep it is. *thud* #

22:15 So much for a quick 'nap' while the painkillers kick in... #

22:22 @sunsetsinthewes *hugs* Iforget who roddle is, thought *hugs* #

22:23 @sunsetsinthewes duh. I can't type. Riddle. #

22:31 @ali_in_london ROFLat image in mind ;-p #

22:32 GAH! I wanna spacebar that works with shift in case I release shift a split second too slow! :( #

22:33 @tallin32 LOLINSOMNIA is no fun. Nor is LOLNOCTURNALISM. :( #

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