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Writer's Block: Doctor Who?

26-year-old actor Matt Smith was anointed as the eleventh Doctor Who this week. If you were in charge of casting, who would you cast as your ideal Doctor and why?

I would have loved to see Patterson Joseph chosen, but he is already tied up with other projects. I loved how he acted in Survivors and there is a similar scene in that where his character asks Aby if she wants to come along and travel with him in his SUV that was SO reminiscent of Ten or Nine asking a companion if they wanted to see the stars with him. He has a great range of dark and dangerous (The Destroyer Of Worlds!!!) to whacky and manic, just like any good Doctor should have. I also think that it is the right climate to have the first black Doctor, what with the first black US president and the first black F1 champion.

Another unlikely choice would have been for one of my faves to come back (Christopher Eccleston! Please!) - but I am not sure how thy would make that work with the canon of the 'verse. Then again, I thought that Time Lords could only regenerate a maximum number of times (ten?) and I doubt that they can un-generate/re-regenerate into a former form.

That said, the choice of Matt Smith has grown on me. He has done some great theatre and TV already, has a good range of facial expressions like all the best doctors (Three, Four, Nine and Ten are my favourites to date). I think he will do a great job and surprise all of the nay-sayers. I only hope that he does not end up type-cast as the Doctor because it will be his first well known TV role - even Tom Baker has this problem - when I hear him doing the voice on a TV advertisement, I *still* think of him as the Doctor and not as Tom Baker!

Can you tell this (and Torchwood) is my fandom?

Just my 2¢…

P.S. Matt Smith was NOT anointed. He may have been appointed but no oil was involved - that we know of!
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