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Other journals and online presences

Do any of you have other xxxJournal accounts? I think that I have managed to snag "natalief" or "natalieford" on most of the LJ clones (months ago) but cannot necessarily remember what / which sites they are.

I know I have natalief at InsaneJournal (no entries there yet - trying to decide whether to copy my entries from here to there) because I have just managed to log in there. I think I had DeadJournal and GreatestJournal as well but the latter has ground to a halt, it seems, and I have not yet tried the former today.

{ETA I do indeed have a DeadJournal account.}

I also have a Vox and a Blogspot. I will add these to my LJFriend-only Contact Details post here (also linked from my LJ userinfo) and try to work out how to have a similar friends-only contact details post elsewhere on the web. Sadly, I cannot think of anything that does friends-only like LJ and LJ-a-likes.

Can anyone think of the other LJ-clones that I am likely to already have accounts on but have forgotten?

While LiveJournal is unlikely to go away soon, I'd like to get a record of where you all are elsewhere on the interwebnets in case of LJ's demise - I would hate to lose all of you as friends!

It is not the blogging that I would miss if LJ died - I can blog at many more locations should I wish to - it is the friendships and community aspects that I would miss - and the ability to post entries filtered to friends-only or even visible to a subset-of-friends-only. Not many other blogging sites and software (e.g. blogspot, wordpress, etc.) allow this level of control. The LJ clones do and so does Vox.

So, please let me know your email address, other blog addresses, snail mail address, phone numbers and so (anything you don't mind me having) on in the comments - all comments are screened and I will not reply so as not to unscreen them.

{ETA2: A post listing some of the other LJ clones although some of these are now dead.}

ETA3: I now have a DreamWidth account as well.

Public not friends-only so that any non-LJ friends and family can leave their contact details.


Nat S Ford
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