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Writer's Block suggestions?

Over at ljswritersblock the mod, fayanora posted asking for Writer's Block post suggestions.


It seems that even with over 700 archived Writer's Blocks here at this community, I'm still bored. Some Writer's Blocks I don't want to answer because they're stupid, others because I can't put an answer into words, and others because I don't want to answer. So what I want to do is supplement the Writer's Blocks. Because I know there's a whole bunch that people submit and they never get used. I know because I've submitted a bunch and haven't seen a single one of them be used.

So I ask you, if you could write a Writer's Block, or have and it hasn't been used, what would it be?

My reply/suggestions:


"What, in your opinion, is the most inane, stupid and/or idiotic Writer's Block that you have ever seen (not including this one, of course)?"

"Which Writer's Block in the archives has the worst examples of ignoring grammar rules, in your opinion?"

Answer there not (or, as well as) here please!
Tags: writer's block

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