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[loudtwitter] Microblogging

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it as is your choice and prerogative but then you may not find out about what I did yesterday and/or how I was feeling (health, mood, etc.) as well as any links I have made a note of for my own and your interest and the odd haiku that I post there …

00:09 Co-codamol is reducing the fever that had re-escalated this evening and will not keep me awake like pseudoephedrine would - I'll save that:) #

00:24 @ndixon said "... The Writing Desk:" That is an EVILl ink to feed to a stationery and art materials addict! #

00:26 @sarahkane Yes, but Belfast built a boat that sank and then was made into a multi-million dollar movie! ;-p #

00:28 @tylluan Idid know about that particular lymph node. I have had ear infections spread to it which is why I ask for meds asap for the former! #

00:30 @words_spoken Jammie day for me too. I changed to joggers for a while but they were too warm for this fever... #

00:30 @tylluan mmmmmmmmm velour pantsuits... #

00:31 @Firni re useless school and psoriasis: *thud* HEADDESK! #

00:33 @tylluan Your surprise nap attack seems to have made a gap of about an hour between your tweets. YAYfor surprise nap attacks! #

00:34 @tylluan To clarify, I love naps. I did not mean that I was happy you took a break in your tweeting! #

00:36 @sbisson said "Scary Barbie of the Year, the Decade, Ever?" tfcocs on LJ - you know you want to! #

00:40 @ndixon P.S. Have you seen ? #

01:52 For all of you that are writers, a blog post on the writing process: #

01:53 @phinnia Iuse our GF grill to make panini and other grilled/toasted sandwiches. OMNOM! #

11:13 Woke up at about 1030 today. MELTING. Taken meds and crossing fingerst that fever will drop b4 hubs' work xmas party tonight (curry house). #

11:13 Another interesting post about writing process: #

11:17 @bloodcurdling Wow - hurts my mind too! Who is it? </brit> #

11:22 @davorg It is not *that* bad IMHO (ex-singer myself) Diva-style, maybe... #

11:29 @davorg @pdcawley My favourite version, though: #

11:38 It is a lovely day out there. Wish Iwas up to going out for a walk... #

11:39 @ndixon That 'tache and beard really suits you! #

11:48 @ndixon You're a Method Writer, aren't you! Like a method actor but... ;-p #

11:49 @davorg oops sorry about the links - only just got to your "stop sending me links" tweet. So far behind this morning! #

11:53 @freeport *hugs* re cow-orker ( spelling) ;-p P.S. Not sure I'll be up to tonight. What time do Ineed to be human by? #

11:55 @ali_in_london said "... the small insanities of office life..." What does it say that I read that as 'small intestines'? #

11:58 Co-codamol (codeine and paracetamol 50/500) not killing pain or aches yet - and Lemsip12HR (cont. pseudoephedrine) is not killing fever yet. #

12:30 @davorg said "Much sadness. Davy Graham has died -" Very sad indeed. :( #

12:55 My bed is vacant of cats and calling to me again. Moar sliep! #

17:08 Temp has lowered and aches subsided a bit but sadly am not feeling human enough to get dressed, go out and be sociable. #

18:58 @ndixon you're welcome. Just credit me? ;-) #

19:14 @bloodcurdling scary! #

19:25 @mollydotcom what is an umyum? I guess I should google... #

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