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[loudtwitter] Microblogging

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it as is your choice and prerogative but then you may not find out about what I did yesterday and/or how I was feeling (health, mood, etc.) as well as any links I have made a note of for my own and your interest and the odd haiku that I post there …

09:49 Ugh. Weather headache but wide awake at 8 am. Meds may help. Need to be compus mentus (sp?) today - lunch with hubs, mum MIL and FIL. *zonk* #

10:10 @ramtops re. the ebay listing: Glad to help! <pedantic-tester-and-proofreader-from-heck /> #

10:13 @petecooper re. Apple Compressor being M/F: When I compress empty plastic soda bottles squish them between my knees/thighs... ;-p #

10:23 @phinnia said "hm. this knitting math software knitpicks is selling looks interesting." Pity it only runs on windoze and not on mac. :( #

10:28 @phinnia I'd like this is.gd/btAn but for OSX. Need 'doze XP on my netbook. Means we need to find hubby's parallels disk/code first. #

10:30 Would have walked to lunch today but it turns out that now there is this HEAVY. RAIN. I don't like soggy jeans. Ned to find waterproof suit. #

10:31 @cazm said "this sentence is awful: "vwe said we want to come up with a solution where you guys can monetise the solution" - argh!" BINGO!:) #

10:34 @petecooper re. @twhirl theme: I use "On the beach" (click on icon to top left of window and chose on the 'Colors' tab). Dunno if makes dif. #

10:36 BEST. MIGRAINE. CURE. YET. (for my broken brain chemistry, that is) = Dr. Pepper (non-diet) + Co-Codamol (paracetamol + codeine, 50/500). :) #

10:37 Well, that combination works today. May not work ever again, of course. My braims are b0rked so all bets are off. Migraine may return too.:/ #

10:40 @mollydotcom Dr. Pepper is "fruit flavoured" (prunes, to me) not cherry. ;-p #

10:41 @JaneFoth said "using a moo sticker to identify my stapler when it next goes for a wander around the office" What a good idea! ;-p #

10:46 @tylluan said "knitty.com/ISSUEwinter08/PATTfishy.php FISH HAT?!" So cute! #

11:33 @orangeacme re. Spooks: Loved it but the cliffhanger has me hanging from a cliff! #

11:40 @mollydotcom said "I meant mother board, geez." Mother worked just as well... ;-p #

11:42 @tallin32 said "... Of course, bear in mind that "heavy artillery" here in Seattle may be a Super Soaker and hot, hot coffee." ROFL! ;-p #

19:42 @phinnia What does OTP stand for? *clueless* #

23:19 Giving up and going to bed. Meds taken and jab done. #

23:34 @ndixon said "...has, apparently, been randomly selected..." ...for...? #

23:46 @petecooper Tempted to put that book on my amazon.co.uk wishlist! #

23:46 @petecooper said "the ocado van is in a ditch - and he doesn't know where" OOPS! #

23:49 @stephenfry said "I shall be cheering Hugh on for SNL tomorrow, but not participating. Phew! Don't think I could take the strain...x" #

23:53 @Firni said "hahahahahaha tinyurl.com/5zathw HELLO CHAOTIC EVIL" - Error 404 Not Found #

23:55 @tylluan re. rename token, go for tylluan and consistency like I have? ;-p #

23:57 Really should go to bed. Double vision (more and more an every-day thing) does not improve with reading... #

23:59 @themattharris Isn't everything really complicated in German? #

00:00 @ndixon Neil's parents did 3 hours each way today to buy lunch for us and my mum - in this awful weather as well! #

00:03 @regularjen re. oatmeal / porridge in microwave: I use a pyrex measuring jug about 3 times too big and cook in 2 bursts, stirring inbetween. #

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