Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

I seem to have 52 new icons!

I seem to have 52 new icons (the last 52 at time of writing)! They added 50 new icons to permanent accounts (and I seem to have 2 more for some reason as well) because the new permanent accounts get 50 more than the old ones (like mine) did). I have been saving icons to use as and when I got access to more and so now I have uploaded some of them!

P.S. If i have missed crediting any of them and anyone can tell me where the credit is due, please let me know and I will add credit. Likewise, if I have used an icon of yours that you would rather I did not use, let me know and I will swap it for one of the others in the queue!
Tags: icons, livejournal

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