Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Not going to play along

I know this is going to offend someone. Ah well - this is how I feel and that I believe and I am entitled to my feelings and beliefs.

I am not going to do a post that says, "If you want me to send you an xmas/holiday card leave your address here!" because I will not be sending any - too little cash and not enough spoons. I will also not be responding to any such LiveJournal or blog posts with my address - if you want my address you either have it, can email me for it (my email address is in my LJ userinfo) or can get it from the friends locked post that is kept up to date and is linked to from my LJ userinfo, as always. Bear in mind we did move house this summer but then we have mail forwarding in place. I refuse to beg for cards etc.

I am not a charity case who measures her worth by the number of cards she receives. If you want to send me a card, send me one, I will be over the moon to receive it. I will no doubt then feel guilty for not sending you one but that is not your fault or problem - it is rather the fault of my upbringing.

I had to drop out of / go inactive in all of the postcard communities and so on (e.g. Postcrossing) that I used to be a member of a while ago - no spoons. For an explanation of The Spoon Theory and other MS-related writings, please see the links in my LiveJournal's sidebar, on the right.
Tags: xmas

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