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[loudtwitter] Microblogging

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it as is your choice and prerogative but then you may not find out about what I did yesterday and/or how I was feeling (health, mood, etc.) as well as any links I have made a note of for my own and your interest and the odd haiku that I post there …

13:05 I CAN HAZ TEH FAILZ! I needed to get these "items" online at etsy/folksy/dawanda before now if I wanted to sell then for xmas. ZEROSPOONS :( #

13:09 For my newer readers, 'spoons' = tinyurl.com/ad5jo #

15:02 Trailed downstairs to make porrige but the soy milk has gone off so I have slogged back upstairs without porrige. #

15:09 Happy me/us day! community.livejournal.com/disableduk/43363.html #

16:12 Cold and sleepy. Gives up and claims the bed from Smudge. #

02:26 Burning up. Doubt I will make it out of the house tomorrow. Nor should until this fever breaks. Will ask hubby if can collect my meds refil. #

04:23 Been through burning-up and freezing-cold and am now back to burning-up with added head-trying-to-implode-pain. Pain-meds-a-go-go-we-go. 8-/ #

05:03 Okay, the co-codamol is relaxing me and reducing the pain now. I may be able to sleep soon. #

05:04 Sleep is not a bad idea. This double glazing (vent?) is letting in a wintry draft around my knees from the wind/rain/sleet/whatever outside! #

05:06 @mollydotcom Am I allowed to request an electric/bionic replacement CNS (brain and spinal cord)? Preferably one without MS or buggy software #

05:09 @tallin32 said "... MS company party." I had to double-take that. I forget now I am a mac user that there is another definition for "MS"! :) #

05:12 @mollydotcom said "... Should I be 'less outrageous' or accept no company?" Find better / more tolerant company. *hugs* #

05:18 @stephenfry re. sinister priests - have you seen the advert on UKTV for the new album of choral music from ... 3 priests? Scary! #

05:34 @mcglk said "... I cook, you clean!" That is how we were brought up as well. These days it is more "we cook, I clean, maybe, eventually ..." #

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Dec. 4th, 2008 05:50 pm (UTC)
Thank you for posting the link to "spoons." I have a very old and dear friend with MS and it helps me understand her a lot better. I'm very glad, because I don't think she has much time left.
Dec. 5th, 2008 12:06 am (UTC)
Glad to help. It and many other helpful links are in the sidebar of my LJ. *hugs*
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