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British and Canadian politics is very different to USian politics

phinnia posted a link to a blog post by the amazing writer Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (The Yarn Harlot to her friends and to so many fellow knitters) in which she clearly and correctly explains how Canadian politics works (and so how politics in the UK works because ours is, from what I understand of British politics (which may be pretty flawed, I know, and I wish someone would write a British equivalent of this primer blog post) very similar with only slightly different political-party names, for example). This also explains pretty well how many of us UKians and Canadians just cannot understand how most/many USians consider their political system to be a democracy. I know, I know, it is just a different TYPE of democracy. Okay. If that feels better! ;-p

Anyway, if any of you are still interested in reading about how us UKians and Canadians do politics, here is the link:
"What is happening in Canada" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Comments disabled to prevent any political discussion or argument. I am feeling too ill right now to handle that but thought I would post this link because many of my USian LJFriends have expressed interest in how we do it this side of the pond - along with how same-gender non-religeous (civil) marriage has been legal in the UK since 2005 (my own hetero- marriage was civil-only and it is the civil part of marriage over here that bestows the legal rights, not the religious blessing portion).

*uses USian instead of American because the US is not the only America*
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