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Om nom dinner

Nobody can accuse me of being precise with my quantities and timings when cooking. I cook by "chuck it in and see how it comes out" and many of my recipes are derived from my student days. Tonight's instance of this dish was the yummiest it has turned out so far and so I thought I'd write it down...

Ingredients: (serves two)
  • A good few new potatoes (enough that you need two hands to hold them), sliced with skins on.

  • One shallot (or very small onion), chopped very finely.

  • About an inch of squeezy garlic purée.

  • Olive oil.

  • One good sized courgette, sliced.

  • Four large button mushrooms, sliced.

  • A glob/sploosh (about two or three tablespoons) of tomato passata.

  • About a tablespoon of tomato purée.

  • Chopped fresh basil (about 8 leaves).

  • Two tuna steaks.


  1. Par-boil the new potato slices in water until a sharp knife will easily slip into and back out of them, as if in and out of butter - this takes about 5 mins, depending on how thinly you slice them. Drain them and set them aside for now.

  2. Heat a good lug of the olive oil and then fry the shallot and garlic until the shallot are turning brown and starting to smell yummy.

  3. Add the sliced courgette and stir-fry until it becomes translucent and starts to brown.

  4. Add the mushrooms and stir-fry until cooked.

  5. Tip all of the wok contents into a bowl.

  6. Start to grill the tuna steaks on the George Foreman grill or griddle. They usually take about 5 mins on ours which is enough time to finish the rest of the dish.

  7. Heat another good-sized lug of olive oil. Add the drained potatoes and sauté them until they begin to brown and go crisp at the edges.

  8. Add the stir-fried vegetables back to the wok and mix them together.

  9. Add the passata, tomato purée and chopped basil.

  10. Once the tuna steaks are cooked, serve them on top of a bed of the vegetables.

I had Parmezano on top of mine tonight (dairy-free parmesan-replacement) but I often have it as is. Eat. Enjoy!
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