Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Twitter 'microblogging' vs LiveJournal and 'blogging'

      "… I hate Twitter. I don't read anything posted on LJ with it because it's all basically unreadable gibberish. …"

When I read the (public) LJ post from which the above quote was taken, I was prompted into a long and deep internal debate and mulling-over. My reply to that post is copied here for posterity and discussion:

      "I wasn't going to reply because it is, of course, your prerogative not to read Twitter/LoudTwitter posts. However this post has been weighing on my mind heavily since you wrote it.

      Personaly, I love to read anything and everything about other people's lives. I live somewhat vicariously through their Twitter/Livejournal/RSS/Atom/Blog posts and can read about how they are.

      In my case, however, I blog (longhand LiveJournal posts) much more rarely than I microblog due to energy/spoons constraints and the fact that my iPhone's Twitter client is always to hand for microblogging to Twitter and reading my friends' Twitter streams, as is the Twitter client on my mac.

      I use posts to Twitter to keep a record, minute by minute, of how I am feeling and what I am doing (as it is designed). This means that people who care how I am feeling (health and mood) and what I have managed to do that day can see this. As my preamble says, if you skip it you may miss chunks of my life.

      I guess you are not too interested in my life. That, also, is your prerogative. I do feel sad, however, that someone I respect could be so dismissive of someone else's writing, whatever medium they chose to do said writing."

Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) and these are MY opinion, MY feelings, MY thoughts and MY life (on MY blog/LiveJournal). They are not wrong and so please do not try to tell me that I my opinions/thoughts/feelings are wrong. Feel free, however, to tell me how you feel and what you think. Feelings and opinions, by definition, cannot be wrong. My feelings and opinions do not need to be fixed, changed or ridiculed.

This is a public post so that people in my RealLife™ can read it without needing to be logged in to LJ or OpenID - e.g. using GoogleReader. Comments are screened so that trolls and other potential drama instigators do not get a chance to cause drama at my expense.

I should have written here, "energy/spoons/health".
Tags: blogging, livejournal, twitter

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