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[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

01:14 OT: How do I get flash to work on my 2G iPhone? Is it even possible? #

01:16 @thoughtfulrepub said: "(Floriday?)" I liked that! A cross beyween Florist and Friday? ;-p #

01:16 ...Florid day? ;-p #

01:17 @thoughtfulrepub orthodox or fanatical - they have a bad press TBH. #

01:18 @pixeldiva livestation? *googles* #

01:20 May have to rey livestation later - watching the BBC. Prefer a calm commentry TBH and have access to USian news stations on Sky here... #

01:20 @ali_in_london At least she is not called Barbie? ;-p #

01:21 *Phoenix Boy's Choir* #

01:22 @rosiesherry *hugs* #

01:23 @cindyli "Save us ObiWan Kenobi!" #

01:24 @ali_in_london LOL if only I was allowed alcohol, I would join you remotely/virtually! #

01:25 @thoughtfulrepub said: "@natalief: Ah. Unfortunately, a wink does not solve jamming together random clauses. :)" Indeed. Read from cards. ;) #

01:26 @thoughtfulrepub said: "natalief: Inhale. Exhale. Repeat as needed." LOL TRYING!!!!! #

01:27 @thoughtfulrepub How many electoral votes are there in total? #

01:29 @ali_in_london I am fascinated with the BBC's touchscreen - he seems to see more on it than we do - clever! #

01:30 @thoughtfulrepub said: "It's completely unfair. We don't judge Christianity based on the KKK, but somehow Muslim = al Qaeda. Lame." Exactly. #

01:32 @thoughtfulrepub Thanks for that. #

01:33 *pauses live TV to go get a snack* I do love having Sky+ when I stay here! #

01:36 om nom carrot sticks and apple slices #

01:38 So these projections are very shiny - when do we get some actual results? Surely it can take days? #

01:42 Ugh - ITV are saying that X has WON a state whereas BBC tells us truth - they it is projected results. #

01:43 @ali_in_london said: ""I can't match Sarah Palin in her knowledge of moose". Oh yes." Who said that? LOL! #

01:45 *Jesse Jackson* #

01:47 I wish I could remember/parse the state abbreviations. Luckily the BBC uses their longhand names. #

02:05 BBC: 175:61 #

02:10 If I did not have very good reasons to go home Thursday, I'd stay a little longer. These cats are definitely people cats. #

02:12 They take it in turns to lie on me. Even Ben let me pick him up today! Resistance training and a walk today! #

02:38 @txcheesehead said: "how many euphemisms for racism can they come up with tonight?" Heh... #

02:42 @ali_in_london said: "OK, is anyone else bored of angry in-denial Republican guy?" Yup, me too! SO negative, pedantic and scornful. #

02:48 I wish I could mute one person on the TV LOL! #

02:48 @thoughtfulrepub It sure is amazing! #

02:49 @glass said: "II am proud to be from Ohio, in this moment" ;-p #

02:51 My natural pessimism kicks in. I hope if he wins he can actually change stuff as drastically as he needs to. e.g. Iraq, discrimination (all) #

02:53 I just hope that he will be allowed to... #

03:11 What I don't get is how TV networks can call results. Why is it not done by a more official body/person? #

03:12 @thoughtfulrepub Any news on CA Prop 8? #

03:14 Someone slap this guy on the BBC. Whatever his name is. Rajesh is an awesome reporter! Has he never seen newsnight?! LOL! #

03:15 Or stick a gag on him. So arrogant! #

03:17 He won't let them finish speaking but they let him. ARGH! #

03:42 @thoughtfulrepub said: "The Associated Press just quoted Bush as saying, "May God bless whoever wins tonight."" #

03:43 @thoughtfulrepub said: "Undoubtedly followed by "—'cos I left an unbelievable pile of crap for them to deal with."" ROFLOL Sad but true. #

03:45 Damn. Starting to feel sleepy. Hmm. Do I go to bed or doze on the sofa? #

04:13 bbc is declaring for obama. curled up on sofa. may doze. #

04:15 @txcheesehead lol #

04:18 Can we fix it? Bob the builder! ;-p #

12:36 Just woke up. Cats are eating a late breakfast. Oops! #

12:40 Managed to stay awake until they had both spoken. Obama is so inspiring to listen to! Great speech writers, yes but delivery awesome too! ;) #

13:03 @thoughtfulrepub said: "Gracious, but I wonder if his most rabid frothers will take it to heart." The boos really upset me. So angry. :( #

13:04 @phinnia said: "I have this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side. Also right. Augh." *hugs* #

13:06 "I am hoping the party learns a message. That fear and negative messages do not work." (a republican on BBC) #

13:08 I am guessing that most americans have not watched Bob the Builder. His catchphrase is what comes to mind when Obama's fans chant... ;-p #

13:09 @davorg said: "Congratulations to everyone in the US. It's hard to find anyone over here who doesn't think you've done the right thing." Yes #

13:09 @ali_in_london I wonder how the republican on the beeb would have coped with Paxman if he did not like Rajesh! ;-p #

13:14 A thought I had last night: I wonder how much the black president in "24" opened americans' minds to the possibility... #

13:45 Note to you men: As soon as you get feel symptoms PLEASE see a doctor. Do not wait until you are in agony and the cancer has already spread! #

17:03 Sleepy. #

17:08 @cindyli Me too. :( Prop 8 in CA SUCKS! :(( #

20:52 "If you believe you can achieve, innit!" Dizzee Rascal on the BBC (Newsnight) when asked by Paxman if a black PM is possible. #

00:32 @txcheesehead he pointed what out? #

00:34 Reading LJ FP is not ideal on iPhone lol #

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