Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

02:28 @regularjen said: "All those times I've told him that a TV in the bedroom is a bad idea? Out the window when I'm ill." Agree. Wishes. *hugs* #

02:29 @mollydotcom ... very large room because that is a LOT of people! #

02:30 @cazm said: "likes the way Twitter now automatically tinyurl-ifies long links, FTW" Thought it always did? #

02:32 @txcheesehead said: "" Oh. Em. Gee! #

02:32 @sweetmeow said: "@txcheesehead Major insensitive timing. Mean. *shaking head*" Indeed! #

02:35 @mcglk I'm game for the live feed. #

03:37 Still awake despite long walk and no nap. #

08:09 Apparently it is breakfast time! LOL #

08:37 Mmmmmm porridge... #

10:20 I could either go back to bed for a bit or get showered and dressed and go out for a walk. I am thinking nap. Wish it was a bit warmer out.. #

13:19 About to go out for a walk. Aiming for Wagamama and Stash. Did not suffer for yesterday's Pizza Express margherita, BTW. YAY for pizza! ;-p) #

13:23 @cazm said: "just got email from Amazon, subject: " -- Supporting Santa since 1998" LOLz" ROFLMAO! ;-p Indeed! #

13:58 Made it to Wagamama. Mmmm Cha Han... #

14:01 @ramtops henry sez om nom nom! #

16:14 Hpme safe for some value of safe that = exhausted after walking roung Putney twice in search of Coats Lyric dishcloth cotton. Taxi home. #

16:21 @davorg said: " - Sky basic channels to return to Virgin." Does not seem to affect our freeview use of Sky, tho ... #

19:27 @ndixon said: "Why can't I adjust to time zone changes without feeling like a quivering zombie for three days" Cos you're human #

19:28 that was meant to have more text: @ndixon ... ;-p *hugs* #

19:32 @cindyli said: " - Almost at front of line.Definitely really late to work" No better reason to be late though. #

19:33 @thoughtfulrepub said: "Several states are struggling with record turnouts at this point." That's GOOD news as long as they all get counted. #

19:36 Jeoffrey is chasing ... nothing ... excitedly! ;-p #

19:39 @rebornspirit *hugs* re. Tana #

19:41 @thoughtfulrepub I know - I have been reading a lot about student votes being suppressed (on LJ, ofc - I love my LJFs!) #

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