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So true for me

melanie posted a Marge Piercy poem called "Travelling Dream" on her LJ today. It seems to me to be describing a dream/nightmare. However, the second stanza always seems to be true for me. This is an edited version of my comment to her post:

 Thank you for posting this. It is obviously a poem about a dream but this stanza is always true for me:

 Secretly the clock is bolting

forward ten minutes at a click

instead of one. Each time

I look away, it jumps.

A week ago feels like a minute ago and something my alarm reminded me to do an hour ago feels like one second ago. Maybe this explains why I forget everything - it is more that I know I still have ages until a deadline that is already passed.

Marge Piercy - Traveling Dream

I am packing to go to the airport

but somehow I am never packed.

I keep remembering more things

I keep forgetting.

Secretly the clock is bolting

forward ten minutes at a click

instead of one. Each time

I look away, it jumps.

Now I remember I have to find

the cats. I have four cats

even when I am asleep.

One is on the bed and I slip

her into the suitcase.

One is under the sofa. I

drag him out. But the tabby

in the suitcase has vanished.

Now my tickets have run away.

Maybe the cat has my tickets.

I can only find one cat.

My purse has gone into hiding.

Now it is time to get packed.

I take the suitcase down.

There is a cat in it but no clothes.

My tickets are floating in the bath

tub full of water. I dry them.

One cat is in my purse

but my wallet has dissolved.

The tickets are still dripping.

I look at the clock as it leaps

forward and see I have missed

my plane. My bed is gone now.

There is one cat the size of a sofa.

I have so many dreams like that…



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Oct. 25th, 2008 12:35 am (UTC)
I've had trips like that, only without the cats. =8^O

Worst trip - back in 1978 I was stuck in Heathrow for two days due to the French air controller's strike.
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