Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

06:34 @phinnia *hugs* #

07:52 Now I remember why I rarely sleep at night - I wake up with a headache and then Pixel makes ot worse, gawd luvim'... #

07:52 @laserone *hugs* :( #

07:53 @tallin32 Heh - plonkers - thought that was a UKian word - must be more widespread than I thought! ;-p #

09:53 Is it just me, my mac, our location or our ISP or is the interweb made of treacle today? #

09:59 Restarting mac did not help and iphone is using E not wifi #

10:06 Turns out it was our router - needed a brief nap. Heh. #

12:23 @mstevens it was our router. Rebooting that fixed it. #

12:23 @mstevens Good luck for the exam (if I am not too late)! #

12:24 @orangeacme said " # twitter: Are you aware that there is an internet outside of the United States?" @twitter this! #

12:25 Slept all night but still burning up. May nap so I am awake to go shopping later with hubby. #

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