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[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

12:11 Just woken up. Forgot to set alarm. SMS messages are so much less useful than phone calls - this from me who hates phone calls! Don't know #

12:11 Don't know whether mum is coming round or I am going there (but stepdad is ill) or I am going into town to do errands! Heh. #

12:14 @kplawver said "For those who asked, I wrote my blog post about how I use Evernote for GTD: tinyurl.com/evernotegtd" Interesting! #

12:29 I hate not knowing what to plan for a day. Tends to be why I don't do much. #

12:33 @bloodcurdling said "Can't sleep! Can never sleep. Almost 4am." So familliar! Glad I don't have a day job TBH even if £ would be nice... #

13:21 What a waste of a lovely day. I feel crap and am very wobbly. #

13:38 Am rolling around the place like a drunk. All I have had is water. Good old MS. Going back to bed. #

13:46 Awesome Gibson story is.gd/3Pag . Had to finish it b4 back to bed. heh #

17:04 Just sewn two very short hems on sewing machine and now can't stop room spinning. Meds. #

17:06 @mstevens said "tinyurl.com/4ya5ba # seems appropriate today" LOL yeah. (music/sound warning, otherwise worksafe) #

17:07 @ali_in_london said "*whimper* tinyurl.com/4zl39z" Woah! Also, WOW! #

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