Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

03:54 Awake again. In pain again (head and eye pain). Meds etc. are starting to work. Might manage to sleep soon and then make calls tomorrow....? #

03:58 @mollydotcom Ducky (Illya Kuryakin!) for the win! He, McGee(k) and Abby are the best characters/actors in NCIS IMNSHO. :) #

03:59 @sbisson said "Trying out the DVI KVM that came in the post today." Interested! #

04:04 Meds etc. are starting to both work for the pain and relax me. I am going to try to sleep now (04:04 LOL!) #

11:32 Woken by alarm to make calls. Still SO tired though. Also, pain is back. Deb. #

11:33 -deb+feh #

11:40 Re-setting alarm. Going to sleep while meds start to work. #

14:01 Waking up again. #

14:13 @ramtops Oh no! *hugs* :( #

14:30 Hubby popped home for lunch. Now Pixel assumes that Daddy came home becasue it is tea time and I obviously hate him to not feed him NOW! ;-/ #

14:31 @Firni Smudge still hets feverish from the yearly vaccinations and she is nine. *hugs* #

14:32 Note to Pixel: Please shut up otherwise you will not make it to dinner-time! (JK) #

14:47 Made one phonecall (to the vet re. appointment for both) but I will not be able to make any more with Pixel drowning me out. Ah well... #

14:50 @mollydotcom said "uh oh, the dawn begins. Must return to my crypt." Sounds familiar! Geeks - the new vanpires. ;-p #

15:06 GRR same problem as old surgery - have to call at 8 am to get appointments - my new GP is very popular. ARGH! *sets alarm for 7:30 am* :( :( #

15:10 @kplawver said "Spotted shiny new Ron Paul sign on way to work. Campaign slogan, "The Futility of Hope"?" Is he still in the running? #

15:10 Takes more pain meds - rain and organisational stress = head and eye pain... #

15:15 LOLz #

17:39 Gives up trying to be awake. #

22:10 My quick nap at about 1730 was anything but - I have only just woken up (at about 22:00)! #

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