Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

02:31 @laserone I run both. Safari for some sites and FF for others that need greasemonkey. Means I have less tabs open in each as well. #

05:04 Oh sh** I am still awake at 05:05. I have been useless with my meds for a couple of days & have loads of stuff to do but am failing at life. #

06:30 Still not king. Still not queen. Still not dead. Still wide awake. *thud* #

06:31 @laserone Me too with the latter. *hugs* #

06:32 @mcglk *hugs* It never rains ... Remind me to email you or IM you about last week's news ... #

06:49 zzzzzzzzzz *thump* #

13:27 Starting to wake up. So much to do and so much on my mind. Cue muddling through. #

14:12 Emptied one whole box. Done some reorganising. 30 mins and I am exhausted and dizzy. #

14:56 Using Outliner on iPhone instead of Stickies on mac - portable to-do list fu. #

14:57 @JaneFoth Gratz on 5k! #

15:16 Needz moar dishcloth yarnz. Coats Lyric 8/8. May have to go outdoors and take a bus ride once fully awake. #

16:17 Ordering repeat meds and eating breakfast but too late to bother going out today. #

16:20 @txcheesehead They're sending you home like that?! *hugs* #

16:21 Takes me so long to wake up enough to actually do anything worth doing - often not by close of office hours! :( #

17:11 I am beat. Just a few chores and I am spent. Feh. #

17:30 Something I have eaten in the last 24 hours or so HATES me. There are a few candidates. Maybe all. Bloated & PAIN. Pain meds & sleep now.... #

20:22 @txcheesehead foods, meds, random stuff makes me feel yuck. hope your BP etc levels out soon! Lots of walks around the house and rest too :) #

20:27 @txcheesehead Cloe must have missed her momma! #

20:29 @mollydotcom Yay McGeek! #

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