Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

01:39 Oops! My right knee just gave out on me - by hyperextending! Ouch! Heh... #

01:42 @mstevens did you just talk about fight club?! #

01:45 @cazm forgot heroes was tonight #

09:54 woke nearly 2 hours before my alarm #

10:19 and, of course, I have another headache/migraine. I hope he meds work before I have to leave for counselling... #

10:33 @pixeldiva: " is the best youtube video ever. (possibly only truly appreciated by knitters). Utter genius." Indeed! #

10:33 @phinnia everything crossed for the p-doc/neuro #

10:35 @ravelrystatus said "Put up a Shop tab today (" YAY! Me like! #

10:53 Thank BBC for iPlayer. Watching last night's Heroes ep 3.1 which I had forgotten was on. #

11:31 Woah. That was awesome! (Heroes). I was right - it is Bruce Boxleitner. Migraine no better though... #

11:32 #

11:38 @cazm said "what happened to Anthony Head narrating Heroes Unmasked? :-(" Yeah! :( #

12:11 Cancelled today's counselling. Leg hurts from last night + migraine. Have selft-taught another knitting technique by just doing it tho... :) #

12:13 @sbisson Oops! #

18:28 Twitxr is posting to flickr but not Twitter for me. Bum. #

18:30 Then again twitteriffic is not posting to Twitter either so maybe I am just not seeing it but it is working... #

18:49 twitxr is a failed experiment for me - posts to flickr ok but not to twitter. #

18:51 twitxr discovery - they validate flickr login but not twitter login and I had wrong password. D'UH! - at #

18:51 I call that a bug in twitxr - okay, I know, it is free... #

18:55 Twitxr on my mac taken and sent by my iPhone. - photo at #

19:04 Twitxr does not realise that a string in postcode format is in the UK and puts me in GERMANY! D'OH! - at #

20:02 Upset guts and returning head-stabby-pain. I think that I may give up on real life for a while. #

20:03 @txcheesehead works now - i had the wrong twitter pwd and twitxr validates flickr but not twitter passwords. Yay consistent! NOT! #

20:04 @regularjen said "... trying on bikinis in the hallway is distracting for N when he's on a conf call. ... that's where the mirror is." LOL!! #

20:04 @mstevens Autumn hibernation. It is getting to us all. #

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