Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

10:48 Still feeling ropey today which sucks coz I was gonna get the sewing machine out. A day of spodding and knitting is all I can manage TBH. :( #

10:55 @sweetmeow said "HA HA -- better lock up twitter, too!! :-0" And LJ of course... *hugs* #

10:58 @mollydotcom said "I just asked kitteh if she could bring in a paycheck. She's really cute & could have her own book/show" What'd she say? #

11:02 @sbisson not used IRC for a few years but used to use mIRC on 'doze IIRC... #

11:10 @sbisson TBH I regularly flag unsolicited (they all are, in my case) press releases and advert emails as spam. #

11:11 @words_spoken said "All the talk of turkey sandwiches made me eat one too. For breakfast!" Sounds perfect to me! #

11:11 @mcglk *hugs* re kitten #

11:12 @sbisson said "From bailout to EPIC FAILOUT..." Heh. Ooops! #

11:13 @mollydotcom said "We started with strippers and ended with God." I guess that is the right direction for change in some minds... ;-p #

11:15 @cindyli said "the yahoo newbies are asking to be shot with the nerf guns...." DOOOO EEEEET! ;-p #

11:17 @Mischief_wa said "... I snack then I WoW." Have you got your mount yet? #

11:36 @ndixon said "Same scene this time in graphite. This is a great learning process." Love that. #

11:37 @sbisson said "Crap. PC graphics card has died. Not a good start to the day." Noooooo! *hugs* #

15:00 Not particularly well today for various reasons and symptoms. MOAR SLEEP is indicated, methinks. #

15:00 Was going to make soup #

15:00 Maybe later... #

15:01 @mollydotcom said "may I just formally state for the record how stupid captcha can be? ..." I agree. Can rarely read them. #

15:03 @mollydotcom said "... I clicked the little wheelchair (which I find offensive) ..." So do I. I don't use one and nor do many blind people!! #

15:04 @txcheesehead nom (well, when I feel better). I usually love apple slices in sarnies! #

15:05 @txcheesehead said "ugh antibiotics are making me feel yuck" they do that to me as well. Well, more yuck than usual. *hugs* Thinking of you. #

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