Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Writer's Block: Deaf Awareness

In conjunction with Deaf Awareness Month, discuss some famous deaf people who have helped to make history. If you're hearing impaired yourself, give us a sense of what your experience is like, so we can better appreciate it.

so we can better appreciation it. (sic)

Being editing, grammar and spelling impaired is probably worse than being hearing impaired (bad joke, I know, but this totally deserves it! 'understand' or 'appreciate' would make more sense in this sentence!) but I have dodgy hearing myself. I can rarely understand what someone in front of me is saying to me if there is a lot of background noise (traffic, party-chatter, music, etc.).

The only famous hearing impaired person that I can think of right now is a woman who was in some FBI TV show and West Wing but I can't remember her name and I am about to (hopefully) go to bed and sleep or I would IMDB her - Marley Matlin?
Tags: writer's block

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