Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

05:33 Just realised why I am still awake - forgot to take bedtime meds. That and slept all day again... #

16:13 Woke at 3 pm. Gosh! Glad I don't have counselling tomorrow but mum may come instead so I can go to Ravelry meet on Friday. Need to be awake! #

16:15 @pixeldiva said "supposes she should get up now, being as the world didn't end." IMO they're more likely to create a new mini-universe! ;-p) #

16:15 @mollydotcom said "oops, stood up to go to the bathroom and slipped into a BLACK HOLE! go #cern!" ROFLMAO! ;-p #

16:17 @freeport said "First issue of IT Expert just landed in the office :)" Awesome! Any chance of a borrow? #

16:18 @pixeldiva said "does a victory lap of her office. Take *that* you piece of shit excuse for a browser." What did you do to IE6? ;-p #

16:21 @cazm said "likes Google's logo for today. :-)" Agreed! #

16:22 is the image, BTW. #

16:23 @orangeacme Can't make Dim Sum this week but would love to make it one week with more notice... #

16:24 @davorg said "Wishing the LHC would stop slowing down time." ROFL! Best LHC related tweet so far! #

16:26 If in doubt about the earth and the LHC: feed:// #

16:34 Also: ;-p #

17:29 New Sigmoidoscopy appontment arrived in post - for next Tuesday! Not sure I can face it TBH. Nor the pre-prep. *anxeity* *panic* #

17:43 Starting up WoW. Need to escape from life for a while. #

18:10 @sbisson Who wrote "How to get paid on time" article? No author credited... #

20:12 @orangeacme said "this rocks: Afternoon Play: Big Bang Day: Torchwood: Lost Souls #" AWESOME! #

22:43 @themattharris said "random fact, pallets in the UK are 1 plank wider than pallets in the rest of europe" Good to know! Maybe... ;-p #

23:11 Suddenly tired - at a reasonable hour! Off to bed I go! #

23:13 P.S. if anyone knows how to get the standard iTunes browse back after the latest update please let me know! ICK! PICTURES NOT WORDS! #

23:18 Fear not, I found it. Doncha just hate software that changes settings/preferences for you? #

23:18 NOW I can go to bed happier. ;-p #

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