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In the words of A. N. Other LJFriend…

I am working on a "super sekrit project". It is, as many new projects are for me, currently all-consuming. I know some of my RL friends amongst you know what it is, but I don't want to jinx it by telling too many people until it is more off the ground than it is right now and I would appreciate it if those of you that know don't mention it until I do.

I have started so many projects, careers and potential-earners in the past that, if this works out and I don't do my usual habit of giving up at the first hurdle, this will be MyLife™ version 7. Yes, I have already changed career/training/direction that many times in my 41 years, if I include all of the following MyLife™ versions:
  1. my aim at age 18 to be a maths teacher to 6th form pupils,

  2. my first degree, BSc Biochemistry.
    I had been told by my careers advisor that my Maths/Stats, Bio and Chem A levels would not be enough for a Maths degree (which turned out to be wrong but I only discovered that half way through the BSc) and I decided that I wanted to be Quincy,

  3. my second degree, MSc Information Technology.
    I knew I did not have the stamina to stand over a bunsen burner for years and wanted to make more money than a biochemist would make without further degrees/research (followed by my ten year programming career),

  4. my years of 'retirement' since 2000 where I was initially happy to be a kept housewife, before I started to do less well at keeping house,

  5. my abortive attempt at training to be a photographer before realising that I would never have the guaranteed health to meet appointments with clients,

  6. my abortive attempt to train as a proofreader before realising that I would not have the motivation/stamina to be able to go out and find freelance work.

So. If this pans out and I am not tilting at windmills all over again, then this will be MyLife™ version 7.
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