Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

04:37 My feet and ankles look and feel about the size of Texas, especially the left one. Walking (and even standing) are getting pretty difficult. #

15:35 3:33 pm - sounds like time for a nap! Maybe that'll help with these aches... #

15:40 @mcglk I can see that char on the iPhone but cannot see a way to type it. #

15:43 @sbisson we told you it was a good read! ;-p #

18:04 @regularjen get an o2 payg iPhone sim like I have for hubs' old iphone you can bolt on data... #

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Tags: loudtwitter, twitter

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