Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

03:07 Twitter stopping SMS to phones in the UK SUCKS even if we can still update by SMS! #

03:10 @twitter - this sucks, even if it IS understandable. Way to get us used to something and then take it away! #

03:11 Just means that I really *do* need an iPhone at some point. Maybe. #

03:11 @tallin32 said "Oh JAWS, your fail is epic. Of COURSE fixing sound driver issues means I have a new computer and need to relicense." NOT! #

04:19 I guess that I should sleep soon. Counselling and maybe the O2 shop tomorrow. #

04:20 #

11:43 Hoping meds vs weatherhead kick in soon. Really don't want to cancel counselling for a second week running but may have to if they don't. ;/ #

11:45 @davorg said "So, no more SMS from Twitter in the UK. ..." Hubs and I used it to keep up with how the other is with opposing sleep-patterns. #

11:46 @regularjen The sky here is medium-dark grey and there is a lot of wind and wet happening. Hence the weatherhead, I guess. #

11:46 @JaneFoth said "thinking I'm going to miss receiving DMs by SMS. RTM is going to be less useful now :-(" Indeed. SUCKS. #

11:49 ... and now thunder. Feh. #

11:55 Have warned counselling by email & phone that I won't make it unless the meds perform a miracle by 1310. Double vision / migraine not ideal. #

13:14 So, that'll be a, "Today is cancelled! Going back to bed!" Will have to go to O2 another day... #

13:15 @pixeldiva said "is doing battle with IE. *cracks knuckles*" You go grrl! #

13:59 @pixeldiva YAY! #

13:59 Twitter (web) just ate two updates. #

14:00 Not managed to sleep (as in, did not even try). Spodding now after a couple of DIY-type chores. Meds have kicked in, but too late to go out! #

15:17 Gonna take that nap now. #

15:18 @ramtops said "we've had thunder, we've had (more) torrential rain, now the sun is shining again" ditto! #

16:09 So much for getting a nap. Panic attack and brown stuff hitting twhirly thing instead. Having to organise stuff. Good thing I didn't go out! #

16:14 Now I feel sick. Great. #

16:43 Migraine plus anxeity and panic FTL. #

17:27 Room is spinning - gonna lie down. #

19:53 @kplawver gems? #

19:54 @Vivdora said " update" - Sorry, no posts matched your criteria. #

20:30 @Vivdora Yup! #

21:53 @Vivdora said "At least the fact that there are no SMS now means I do not need to worry about using up my followers quota..." twhirl scrolls #

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