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[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

10:29 Not good day. Overslept. Had to put more oil in car on way to neuro appoint. Not eaten yet. #

11:14 Having another ecg, more bloods coz not eaten yet and my chest xray. #

11:59 "one size fits all" my arse! #

12:00 Off into Chichester for breakfast now. #

14:42 Stopping for brunch at little chef. Finally! #

17:42 @Vivdora said "Listen to my station on Blip.fm! blip.fm/invite/vivdora" Is that what is filling up my twitter now? Hmmm. #

17:42 Home safe after many med tests and SHOPPING! #

17:44 @regularjen What did I miss? *hugs* #

17:56 @sbisson said "Damn. Swelling on cat's leg was not an abscess after all." *hugs* you all. Luckily Pixel's was benign tumour. His? #

17:57 @Vivdora That's okay, really - I just wondered what it was and can't be bothered to follow this links... ;-p #

20:46 We are running a test. There is a huge thunderstorm. At the old flat we'd have had a powercut by now (dodgy substation). So far so food here #

20:46 -food+good #

20:47 @sbisson *hugs* Poor baby. Which leg? #

23:51 Table Rappers: Persistent Spirit is.gd/1hxr Episode 24 is AWESOME! is.gd/1hxq Also, Marmite FTW! You'd have to listen to it... #

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